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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Take a Christmas picture this year with a sensory-friendly Santa
Photo credit to Autism Speaks
Have you have tried to convince your child to sit on Santa's lap with hopes of getting a sweet holiday photo? And did you instead ended up with a teary, screaming child who is petrified of this stranger with a fake beard? 

I tried this once and ended up with that mouth-open crying face that I'm sure many are familiar with. This year we have a new plan. Have you heard of a sensory-friendly Santa? Autism Speaks and Cherry Hill Programs are partnering to bring sensory-friendly Santa to the Bay Area. This is an amazing opportunity to participate in a fun, holiday tradition that otherwise might be unthinkable with a kid on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorder, stranger-danger, or one who's just shy. This is an amazing inclusive event for those with special needs and those who may just be a little afraid of Santa. I have signed up for my spot. Have you?
For more information about the event check out this link to the Autism Speaks website. They have a great location search tool so you can find the locations nearest you. 

Bay Area locations include:
Let us know if you visit a sensory-friendly Santa. I'd love to see your pics and hear about your experience! Please leave us a comment.

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