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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Avenue Terrace Playground (Jordan Park)

Avenue Terrace Playground (Jordan Park)-3380-3390 Jordan Rd, Oakland, CA 94602

This park is also known as Jordan Park. This park has great shade with a large grassy field. The park is a land mind of all donated toys for everyone to share! This is a must visit park for all @bayareatoddlers. 

What we love about Avenue Terrace Playground:
•Parking is easy and convenient.
•The park is completely enclosed.
•Visitors leave their toys here! At this park you will find donated toys for everyone to share. It’s amazing! Seriously there are so many toys here! Trikes, bikes, scooters, ride-on toys, and more! There is no need to bring any toys from home to play with.
•Two play structures. There’s a smaller structure for the younger children and a larger one for the older kids.
•There is sand at this park. A LOT OF SAND! Visitors leave sand toys in the sand box for kids to play with as well. Shovels, buckets, trucks you name it! There’s definitely no need to bring your own to this park.
•Swings and infant swings available.
•There is a lot of shade at this park.
•Stroller Friendly
•Basketball court
•This park has a lot of neat history. Check it out!

•No restrooms at this park.

We highly recommend that you and your toddler(s) make Avenue Terrace Playground one of your @bayareatoddlers Adventures! Come explore, discover, create and play!

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