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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Braly Park

Braly Park, located in Sunnyvale, has recently undergone a full renovation. The existing playground was originally built in 1968 with a Japanese theme, including custom wood and concrete features. Over time, the playground had become dilapidated, out-of-date and in need of extensive renovation. The new playground has significantly improved play value with the addition of creative equipment and gaming opportunities throughout.

What we love about Braly Park:
•Easy parking right next to park. 
•Immediately when you arrive you will see a very bright blue fountain in a pool of water. The kids loved crossing the bridges to get to the park. 
•Restrooms on-site, changing station in the restrooms. 
•Very clean park. 
•BBQ and picnic tables. 
•Newly updated park.
•Smaller play structure for children ages 2-5.
•Larger play structure for the older kids. 
•A lot of padded ground, I love that stuff! 
•Climbing structure
•Swings includes baby swings as well. 
•Several musical toys for children to play with. 
•Sprinkler “water frog” semi-enclosed water area, that leads into the sandbox. 
•Huge sand box 
•Walking path nearby, with outdoor exercise equipment.
•Geese at the park.
•Baseball field nearby.
•Tennis Courts 
•Horse shoe pit 
•Volleyball court 
•Basketball courts and track field at nearby school. 
•Huge grassy field 

•Not very much shade, bring your hats, water and sunscreen.

We highly recommend that you and your toddler(s) make Braly Park one of your @bayareatoddlers adventures! Come explore, discover, create and play! Tag a friend that needs to come with you! 

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